.the shush dimension

vel . the shush dimension is a subsidiary of the spheres :: a world behind curtains presenting the work of vel.thora.
these pages are written entirely in small caps, to avoid discrimation.


new release. the video track for the kiew piece melancholie is now available in the dynamic section.

new release. the audio track by cycler for the letter to my dead lover book is now available in the books section.

new release. the art book the death of an immortal being is now available in the books section and at lulu.


in october 2011, the spheres :: a world behind curtains present n-sphere, the gallery's monthly magazine. gradually expanding to form its own galaxy, the n-sphere includes an interconnected section with the music world. main features for this month are: de occulta philosophia, westblock tape sonata, valerie and her week of wonders, dylan xvx, william blake.

the august guest exhibit features santiago caruso, a visual artist currently residing in argentina. in santiago caruso's universe, dreams of surreal realities open gateways towards the dawns of truths. visit the guest gallery here. an interview with the artist is included in the current issue of n-sphere.


there is always a cat smiling inconspicuously from behind the curtains. when the world collapses in on itself, thoughts become tangible. books available for online reading. other text and articles links enclosed.


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